The non-path of the real

Nathalie’s teaching can be summed up in a word: the real. Not the real which is limited and deformed by the personality, but the dimensionless real, which completely escapes the grasp of the mind and its ideology. It is a constant invitation to a true encounter face-to-face with oneself, with one’s own mental, emotional and physical structure; with one’s own insecurities and fears, needs and expectations, tensions and defenses. There is no other teaching than daring to see what is playing out in this very moment, in all honesty. It is continuous support for an all-encompassing vision, a vision which serves, not an image, but being itself, a natural and naked presence.

The non-path of the real denotes instantaneous recognition of the one essence, in all its diversity of forms, without any possible interruption. The only space of realization is the continuum of the absolute, the real, in its raw, direct simplicity. No change will ever be called for. Why wish for the perfection of what is already perfect?

With a gentleness that can sometimes be implacable, Nathalie transmits returning to the real, and perfectly embodies it. Her teaching is for all those who hunger for authenticity.

The practice

The point is not to learn a particular technique but instead to deepen and expand our feeling of the body. Based on the Kashmir Shaïvist teaching, the postures are simple and the movements minimal. They place the body so that we can directly observe our tendency to control, to push or to limit the way we move.

The exploration centers on the general and peripheral feeling of the body. Guided step by step, it brings us gradually to the realization that it is natural for the body not to be separated from its environment. Sitting or standing, in a state of natural meditation, the truth of sensation gradually reveals itself. We feel it open into space like a living current, modulating itself with the ebb and flow of the exercises. At the same time we allow breathing to lose its constraints, until it becomes attuned to the movements and naturally extends them. We can feel our mental activity, and its need to objectify, calming down. Our feeling of identity, rooted in the body-as-object, moves gradually into the experience of pure being.

It is a journey, then, whose only requirement is to dare to refrain from representation and let the body speak, until ultimately it reveals its true dimension. A direct experience of Being, more powerful than any speech.

Nathalie Delay

Nathalie has always been an artist. She realized from earliest childhood that the experience of beauty opens the way to unfathomable depth. Moved by the intuition that a fundamental truth existed at the heart of reality, she became a passionate searcher. Her burning desire to live by what she instinctively knew brought her to the Kashmir Shaivite tradition when she was 26. For the next 25 years she studied the metaphysical aspects of this tradition as well as its different yogas, working with its best-known representatives.
Today, it is the very substance of reality, beyond any verbal expression, which inspires her and remains her only guide. The art of letting individual limitations burn up, in contact with Reality, is the only path she transmits to those who come to meet her. She's been teaching for ten years in Europe, Canada and California.