13-14 April 2019
Brussels, Belgium
April, meeting | 13-14 April, weekend workshop
One with reality

1-7 may 2019
Aube Drôme, France
6-day (or 4-day) residential workshop
Rest the mind in the heart

25-26 May 2019   
Rheinfelden, Switzerland
weekend workshop

5-9 June 2019
La chiara di Prumiano, Barberino Val d'Elsa, Firenze Italy
4-day residential workshop
Aligning with reality

1-6 July 2019
Gut Helmeringen Lauingen, Germany
6-day residential workshop
From contraction to openness

10-15 September 2019
Landguet Ried, Niederwangen, Switzerland
5-day residential workshop
Silent Retreat

27-29 September 2019
Paris, France
September, meeting | 28-29 September, weekend workshop
One reality

17-20 October 2019
Yenne Savoie, France
3-day residential workshop

1-3 November 2019
Vienna, Austria
3-day workshop

8-10 November 2019
Bologna, Italy
November, meeting | 9th-10th November, weekend workshop