Essence of teaching

Question: If you could highlight the essence of this weekend, the teachings, what would that be?  I would like to be able to expand, to grow, to learn after our gathering.

The fact that you don’t understand what I said is the best way for you to access the essence of what I am saying.
Of course my French English is easy to understand. But it is not a joke what I just said, because the words, the formulation could hide the essence. So when you don’t understand the word, you avoid this trap.
The fact that you don’t understand - what could you do? You are obliged to feel what is said - the current underneath the words. Then you have access to the essential, which is beyond words.
So you know - this is it.
And you can’t build anything on the essential - it is everywhere.
It is not about a construction, it is not about an object. It is not about something.  It is about everything.
Please don’t put the absolute, the essence in a box. It is the total vastness - the total infinity.
So the best you could do is to accept to lose all your objects  - to let them dissolve in this essence, in this total space.
And the ultimate object you need to dissolve is yourself. The image of yourself. Let it also dissolve in space. And accept to lose every object - anything that belongs to you - then you have access to the essence. 
The essence is everywhere. Why I am not able to see it?
Because I grasp at image, object. I am attached towards the form so I can’t reach the essence. 
No form could give me the essence. It is too small. So no formulation, no tradition, no words, even the word God could give me the real God - the essence. At some point I need to realize that, that all the formulations, even the most beautiful formulation could be a trap, could be a way for me to be attached to an object. It is beyond all objects. 
It’s the global subject who embraces every object and subject. There is only One, the ultimate Subject- God, but without any name, without any characteristic, beyond what I could conceive here (in the mind), far beyond.