Aloneness | March 2020

It’s interesting to observe how hard it is to stay alone,
in silence, without distractions.

Opening oneself | December 2019

Our task is not to save anyone, nor the world, not even ourselves.
God / Consciousness is in charge of His / Her creatures and creation.
Our task is to open fully to His / Her love until it flows freely through us without any personal restriction.

Relationship between men and women | November 2019

Question –
We’ve talked a lot about relationships during the weekend.
Can you tell us the essential points in a relationship between a man and a woman?

Freedom | November 2019

The need to possess and control comes from our mental conditioning.
These demands are not a native part of life, because everything in life is completely full, and in perpetual transformation.
Our mental faculties are unable to comprehend this beauty.

One reality | August 2019

Just one reality
Not yours, not mine
Not tantric, not Buddhist

Interview I June 2016

Nathalie, the road you’ve travelled is fascinating. On the one hand, a profession and a family life, which is fairly standard for a western woman and on the other hand a path to awakening… which isn’t very typical for a western woman! How did you manage to combine the demands of daily life and spiritual practice? How were you able to follow a path of such depth while taking care of everyday things at the same time?

Essence of teaching

Question: If you could highlight the essence of this weekend, the teachings, what would that be?  I would like to be able to expand, to grow, to learn after our gathering.

Retreat I June 2014

Retreat can be reaction or flight
But when it’s neither
Just an imperative call with only one possible answer
Without bargaining or distraction
You give yourself over to what comes.