Aloneness | March 2020

It’s interesting to observe how hard it is to stay alone,
in silence, without distractions.

We are afraid to be face-to-face with ourselves.
Face-to-face with our impatience, our agitation, our worry.
Face-to-face with the depth of our being.
We are afraid to dive into the infinite space of our true nature,
when no attribute nor any story covers it up.
And yet it calls to us in silence,
but we don’t listen.
And yet we have an acute and painful longing for it,
like exiles too long cut off from their homeland.

So, instead of trying to fill the space which has appeared,
let us give ourselves over to silence, to the absence of certainty.
Let us not miss the incredible opportunity to be,
in all simplicity and humility
and taste the nectar of pure presence
when there are no more expectations, only the gift of self.
Let us not miss the unique chance to taste the substance of the moment
when no superfluous activity waters it down.