Retreat I June 2014

Retreat can be reaction or flight But when it’s neither, Just an imperative call with only one possible answer
Without bargaining or distraction You give yourself over to what comes.

This retreat is no denial of the world
Rather, a time of rest and silence at its very heart
Without plans or expectations.
Within the dark cavern, the light explodes
A thousand times, on its fatal contact death comes
Then fresh speech, fresh action
Is born, without attachment.
“May we look upon the depths of Your cavern which the supreme Light adorns within, chasing the shadows in all directions, O (universal) Existence.”
Stavacintamani of Bhattanarayana – Translated with commentary by Lilian Silburn

“The heaven of awareness free of duality is neither exterior nor interior, the realm of flowering has no room for them.”
Hymns of Abhinavagupta — Lilian Silburn