The path of reality

The path of reality is a non-path, because it is above all an exploration of life in its wholeness, where we dare afresh, without falling back on our models and our repetitive, comfortable pat-terns. It’s a non-path because it always appears here and now. We recognize in real time how we negotiate with reality, how we cling to a belief or to our need for control, and how this outlook keeps us from being in tune with the moment and creates our suffering.

The path of reality does not require us to conform to any model, because it is not attached to what we do, think or feel. It invites us to see how we behave with our opinions, our emotions, and with living beings.

Are we aware of what is happening?
Are we here, now?
Are we real?

The path of reality is more than anything a path of selfknowledge, not in the psychological sense but in the most essential and profound sense there is. It helps us rediscover our absolute aspect while incorporating it into the most human part of us, until there is no more opposition at all between the two. It brings us back to the roots of our being, making a complete humanity possible.